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"   Magnotta, the man seeking the limelight, finally has the world watching. I think he’s gonna enjoy the trial. I think he’s gonna wanna sit back and enjoy the notoriety, the media, and everything that’s gonna go with this trial. This could be the high he’s been looking for for many years.   "
Excerpt from 16x9 - Luka Magnotta: The man behind the name (2012)

(I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this, it’s just relevant.)
biboubi: I'm a new member. I cannot send an e-mail here

You’re talking to me right now. Say what you have to say. I don’t know what the issue is. If you want me to reply privately I will.

biboubi: Hi ! Where can I contact you ? I cannot send an e-mail on tumblr. I have found another thing about Luka today

Sorry, why can’t you just contact me through Tumblr? I have no other way to speak with you. 

biboubi: Hi ! I have create an account to speak to you. I'm french so, excuse my english ^^ do you think Luka is guily ? In one lunatic one ice pick, the mutilator has belly but Luka has no belly ? What do you think ? I'm so sad to love Luka. Because I ask myself full of questions ! I don't care if he's guilty. But, there are things which are not logical ! I hope to read you

Salut! Mon français n’est pas la meilleure mais je peux me débrouille. L’estomach peut être seulement son chandail, je sais vraiment pas. Je préfèrerais ne pas m’exprimer sur l’innocence ou de la culpabilité. Merci pour le message et n’hésitez pas à me contacter! 

"   A person may be in a psychotic state of rage / delusional psychosis for a period of hours, days to even weeks at a time, if off their required prescribed medications. This renders them “NCR”, that is Non Criminally Responsible, for ANY events that take place during such periods of psychosis. During such states of mind, the individual has no appreciation or understanding for what’s right or wrong, and often will have little or no memory of any events that transpired during such an episodic period.   "

Above quote was from Dr Sylvain Andre Savard,  FRCP(C), MRCPsyche(UK), an expert psychiatrist in Canada on the legal issues surrounding the Non Criminally responsible legal defense, and its application.

A very recent case in Ontario Canada that fully supports this testimony is the case of Richard Kachkar, who in a state of psychosis killed a Toronto Police Officer with a snowplow.    For more information on that verdict and the many similarities to Luka Magnotta go to :  http://www.680news.com/2013/03/27/deliberations-in-trial-of-man-who-killed-cop-with-a-snowplow-to-resume-today/

Also, in Quebec, the case of Guy Turcotte included a NCR verdict.

(via teamluka)

(via teamluka)